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What Happens When A Student Gives To Each Other?

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We found student gives to be powerful teaching tools. Teaching students to give changes the classroom culture, a school’s culture and emphasizes the benefits of a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program. Why not start a giving behavior in your classroom where students witness the benefits of giving by giving to each other?

We are big on starting small giving behaviors that foster inclusive giving habits that anyone can participate in. Starting small with your students is the perfect giving idea that shows the ripple effect of giving.

What would an in class program of giving look like? And how does it benefits your students?

Benefits of a Giving Program In Your Classroom

Starting the 365give Challenge in your classroom nurtures their social and emotional learning. Students participate in defining which gives they would like to complete, witness the effects of giving on both those who give and those who receive and feel happy as they complete their gives. By doing one small give each day students will be ready to learn for the rest of day and be more productive after their giving.

The science behind giving proves the benefits. When we give our happy hormones increase – serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin – while our stress hormone – cortisol – decreases. As we feel happier our well being increases which opens us up to be more productive, focus on what we are learning, and builds better cooperation in the classroom. Giving also helps us to be more empathetic and compassionate, emotional understandings that make us better people, citizens and community participants.

When we are happier our ability to tackle more challenging situations increases. Tasks that seemed impossible or unmanageable now become easier. Isn’t this what we want for our students who are learning? To tackle new and challenging situations and concepts with a focused and open mind. This resilience is a good trait to have in school and in our persona lives.

Who Benefits From Student Gives?

When completing students gives that give to each other, the ripple effect of giving extends beyond your immediate classroom. Teachers, school staff, admin staff and guests all reap the benefits of giving. Each of these groups will feel the happiness your students feel. Happiness from giving spreads, and the desire to give as well, spreads. When you give in your classroom on a constant basis, one small act of giving first thing in the morning, the entire school benefits. You will also find that other students and staff start giving to. It could be as simple as holding doors for others, saying thank you, smiling at each other, less bullying. As their teacher, you too will start feeling happier and have an increased well being.

Simple Student to Student Acts of Giving For Your Classroom

here are some simple giving ideas that you can start in your classroom, whether it be in person or remote learning. Try it out for a week and see how your students change. Watch them engage more in their studies, at home and in their communities.

  1. Have each students smile at each other first thing in the morning. Challenge them to smile at others in the hallways.
  2. Create a gratitude note board and have students post a note. This is easy to implement both online and in the classroom.
  3. Host a book swap in your classroom. Students bring in a book and swap for another book. If students do not have books at home, or if you are learning remotely, encourage them to swap pdf’s of books that are good for their age group. Monkey Pen has a host of free PDF downloads of children’s books. Get Free Books has a great selection of young adult books.
  4. Create thank you notes to each other or other staff members in the school. Thank the maintenance staff for keeping the school clean, thank administrators for maintaining a school that provides a safe, learning environment. Thank any school volunteers for helping within the school.
  5. Play Giving Bingo Together – Giving Bingo is a longer term giving strategy that has students involved in their give planning. Read this article and see how it works.

Student Gives Build Better Classrooms and Better Schools

Have your students start giving to each other. Let the benefits of giving ripple through your classroom and school while students become happier with an increased well being. Get your free 365give membership for schools and start giving.


Jacqueline Way
Jacqueline Way
My dream is to inspire people around the world – young and old – to make a better, happier world for everyone. As a family we have come to learn through our own daily giving practice that if we all do one small thing to give every day – together we will be the change the world needs.

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