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Why Daily Giving Matters

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Giving matters more than we know. We can all make a positive difference within our communities when we dedicate ourselves to giving daily. No matter how small your contribution is, it can create a large ripple effect that impacts the communities around you.

Whenever I think about the importance of giving back, I reflect upon the first time I experienced the act of giving. I remember how I learned that my small act could truly make an impact in someone’s life. Since then, I’ve carried this story with me as a reminder of the power of giving back and why giving matters so much.

How I Was Inspired to Give

I remember the holiday seasons from when I was a child. The streets were decorated with lights, our house smelled like cookies, and I always knew that there were newly wrapped toys under the Christmas tree just waiting for me to open them.

At that time, I believed every child had the same experience as me on Christmas Day – A dinner table full of food and a collection of new toys. However, I soon learned that that wasn’t the case for everyone. My parents told me that there were many children my age who not only didn’t receive gifts on Christmas, but may not even receive a meal. There were kids whose parents couldn’t afford clothes, food, or even a home.

As a kid, this made me feel sad. I didn’t understand why some kids could have toys and food and others didn’t. Although what I did know was that I wanted to do something about that.

I remember going to the mall and seeing two volunteers sitting at a table next to a Christmas tree. I saw bags of toys underneath it and asked my mom why they were there. She explained to me that those bags of toys would be given to children whose parents couldn’t afford to buy them gifts for Christmas. I immediately wanted to put toys underneath the tree and so my mom gave me an allowance to pick out two toys. I ran to the toy section and was ecstatic to be able to pick out the perfect toys for other kids.

I picked out a little car and doll and put the toys underneath the tree, knowing that two kids would open up these gifts on Christmas morning and have a smile on their face. And that felt amazing.

Every Small Act Of Giving Matters

I learned from my experience that when you donate a toy or a can of food, it may not feel like you’ve changed the world. But for that person who received your donation, it could’ve changed their entire world. Because I may not have been able to give every child in the world a gift, but I definitely made a difference for two kids that year.

After that, I didn’t just want to give back during the holiday season, but dedicated myself to finding ways to give back all year round. Because I knew the importance of daily giving. I knew that every kind action, no matter how small, can make a large impact. And if every person contributes bit by bit, together we can make a huge difference.

We all have the power to impact our world in a positive way. Sometimes with only a toy, a can of food, or even just words of encouragement. There are so many easy acts of kindness you can do daily. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our article for 50 Small Ways to Give.

Start Your Daily Giving Journey To Increase Happiness

Today, spend some time thinking about how you’d like to make a difference. Write down a list of ways you could give daily and contribute to that difference. Then dedicate yourself to completing those small acts of daily giving that’ll make a large difference. Need a little help with this? Sign up for your free 365give membership and have giving resources at your fingertips that will have you giving every day.



Tanya Vanpraseuth
Tanya Vanpraseuth
My name is Tanya and I live in British Columbia, Canada. I currently work in the financial industry as a Marketing Coordinator and enjoy using my skills in that area to help non-profits. Giving back to my community has always been a priority of mine and I am excited to be a part of 365give. I look forward to supporting the organization's mission of encouraging positivity and community service. I am especially excited to begin writing for 365give's blog and help inspire others to do good.

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