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August 9, 2018
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August 16, 2018
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Why Volunteering Rocks and Really Counts

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So many people spend countless hours volunteering for a cause close to their hearts. Have you ever felt as if volunteering is just a waste of time or because you don’t get paid, why bother spending your time volunteering? I have actually had people say this to me. Well, if I’m not getting paid, why would I bother getting involved? That’s a very ignorant way of thinking and one that really doesn’t make any sense. Volunteering in our world is so important and means so much to so many. Many non-profit organizations are not able to pay people to help their charity or their organization make a difference in the world, so they rely on volunteers. If it wasn’t for volunteers, many of the charities or organizations that have volunteers would not be able to stay afloat or survive. So, the next time someone tells you that they think volunteering is a waste of time because you’re not paid for volunteering you can mention that people aren’t necessarily paid to volunteer, but are paid through good works and deeds from the heart. Volunteering fills our cups and our lives with something meaningful, not wanting anything in return.

Volunteering Helps Combat Negative Feelings

Along with making a person feel fulfilled, volunteering also helps to decrease depression, anxiety and stress. It can help people feel happier for making a difference in the world, no matter how small they may think the gesture is. It also makes a person feel happy and confident, depending on what the volunteering requires. Sometimes it requires a person to stand up in front of a crowd to talk about the volunteer work that he or she does and how it makes a difference in the lives of others, or depending on what the organization stands to promote. Volunteering helps you to stay focused and know that you have a reason to keep on going. Many people will volunteer to help the less fortunate, others may help a foster care organization for animals, or even children. There are so many different volunteer opportunities in the world. There is something for everyone.

Volunteering Leads to Employment Opportunities and Prospecting

Sometimes when volunteering, this can lead to an employment opportunity in the future or you may get some networking done through meeting other people and this can end up leading you to your future dream job. You will meet people, you will sometimes go out of your comfort zone to complete tasks and use skills that you normally wouldn’t do, when you are volunteering, because when you are volunteering you need to step up and help out in any way that you can, which sometimes means feeling uncomfortable. People will notice that you are going above and beyond and if they need an actual paid employee, you might be chosen to be the next employee for that organization/charity. You will also meet many people when volunteering, so you may not land a job with the organization or charity you are working for, but you may meet someone that has seen what you have been doing with the organization you volunteer for and they may ask that you go and work for them. You never know what the future holds and who is watching.

Volunteering Means You are Important

Volunteering can make you feel important and that you matter in this world. What you do makes a difference. It makes a person feel as though they have a purpose in this life and they have been placed on this earth for a reason. Sometimes we feel as though we are not important or no one needs us, but when we volunteer, it makes us feel as though there is nothing we can’t accomplish and that people are counting on us to help and to make a difference, that we matter.
Volunteering is Giving Back

When we volunteer, we give back to society. We receive a positive response from those we are helping, but we are also giving a positive response to those people that we are assisting or to that charity or organization that we are providing additional resources to when we are volunteering. It’s a give and take type of situation. You are giving of your time, your love, your support, your efforts, your friendship, your skills, your talents and everything that you have to give, in order to change someone’s life, or make the world a better place, however your volunteer position allows you to provide this. Your volunteer works don’t go unnoticed. There is always someone who is made to feel a little better because of the volunteer time and work you are providing. It’s important to realize this. Volunteering IS giving!

If you have some extra time on your hands, just a few hours per month to volunteer for a worthy cause that is near and dear to your heart, please consider helping out and volunteering. Organizations and charities are always looking for volunteers and you don’t need to devote your whole life to volunteering, just a few hours of your life a month will go a long way. If you can provide more time, then go for it, but really it’s the quality, not the quantity.

Do you volunteer? Tell us what your volunteer opportunity is and what you spend some extra time doing to make the world a better place. What do you do to give back to the world by making the world a better place one gesture at a time? Add your volunteer time to your daily give on our impact map. Sign up for your free 365give membership and post your daily give for the day.

Patty Aldrich
Patty Aldrich
My name is Patty Aldrich, a mother of two boys, a pet parent to two miniature pinchers and a wife with full-time employment. I truly believe we are responsible to create the change we want to see in the world through our daily interaction with people, the planet and animals. 365give is near and dear to my heart. I volunteer with them to share simple giving ideas that create change in the world, one day, one give at a time. I have witnessed the power of giving with my family and within my work. Sharing these stories with you is what I love to do! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and be the change you want to see in the world!" Check out my Facebook Page at Happiness For All

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