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#National Laughter Day Gives! Lets All Smile As We Give
March 17, 2022
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Giving as a Proactive Strategy for Your Well-Being
March 21, 2022
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Why You Should Take Part in #Do1Give Day

take part in #Do1Give Day - 365give
Share Happiness!

April 28, 2022, will mark the 5th annual #Do1Give day. Why should you take part in this event? This is one day per year where we ask every person in the world to participate in one act of giving to create a world of happiness. One act, by everyone in the world, could create a tsunami of kindness that will make everyone happy around the globe. #Do1Give is your chance to participate and be part of the magic that is giving.

Small Acts of Giving Makes Us Happier

When we give to a person, the planet, or an animal, we feel happier. The recipient also feels happier and anyone who witnesses the act of giving is happier. Science has proved that neurological and hormonal changes happen within our bodies when we give that create happiness.

D – a surge of dopamine makes us feel good

O – oxytocin increases

S – seratonin levels increase

E – endorphins kick in to give us the “helper’s high” feeling

A DOSE of happiness is created with each small act of giving. Imagine the rush of happiness felt worldwide on #Do1Give Day when hundreds of thousands of people feel the love created through giving.

Giving Can Happen Anywhere

Whether at school, at home or at work, you can make giving happen. Giving creates a positive social environment wherever you are participating. Think of the people around you and how you can positively affect their lives through a small act of giving. This is the reason why everyone should participate in #Do1Give Day – to feel the positive effect of giving and to witness the positive effect that giving has on others. Or on our planet. Or on our animals. Giving makes you feel happy – isn’t that reason enough to participate in #Do1Give Day?

#Do1Give Day is April 28, 2022 –Now is the Time to Plan Your Give

Be part of the change we need in our world and find out how easy it is to Give on #Do1Give Day. Now is the time to start planning your gives and to get others involved. Make a promise to Spread the Love through giving on April 28, encourage your family and friends to take part and then do it! Make sure you tag your friends and 365give and help make the world a happier place on April 28, 2022 this year.

Help #Do1Give Day reach its goal of 50,000 gives this year by making your commitment to Do1Give. Check out our #Do1Give Day event page and find out how you can participate. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3 and will change the world on April 28!

Tammy Lawrence
Tammy Lawrence
Tammy is on our Board of Directors at 365give and is a valued contributor to our blog. She spent years in non-profit work advocating for girls and women in sport and physical activity and then moved on to fundraising for Big Sisters. She currently works from home as a freelance writer while raising her kids. Always passionate about children and youth and giving back to the community, Tammy found a perfect fit with 365give. “I love being part of a global movement that is creating a society where people feel good about themselves through giving back. 365give has the potential to change the world and create the future we all want to see.”

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