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Your Daily Give – Forgiveness

Daily Give - Forgiveness
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Loving relationships are so rewarding. However, relationships can also be full of grievances. As a child your parents might not provide the quality of attention you need, might be controlling or sadly even abusive. A romantic partner may may be unfaithful, or a jealous coworker might spread office gossip to ruin your professional reputation.

Staying in a state of that disables you from forgiveness is painful causing you to feel hostile and spiteful. It ultimately harms you the most not the person who conducted the wrongful act. Achieving forgiveness may be hard work but the reward is worth it, a sense of peace.

Daily Give - Forgiveness

What is Forgiveness?

Forgiveness is to cease the feeling of resentment against an offender. The pain caused by a person or event might linger but forgivenss lessens its impact. Forgiveness is not excusing a wrong doing. It allows us to gain a more balanced perspective of the wrongdoer or event . Forgiveness allows for a more compassionate outlook, a decrease in negative emotions and releases the need to seek revenge. It allows us to let go and move on.

How is Forgiveness a Daily Give?

Forgiveness is a powerful daily give that can improve your mental and physical health. Like our Happiness Research, forgiveness has a positive effect on our bodies and minds.

  • Decreased stress
  • Increased self esteem
  • Better heart health
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Less sadness
  • Decreased anger
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Better immune system

Forgiving is not a daily give, it is a give that presents itself when we need it, when there is an action in our lives that requires forgiving. It is a powerful give that when completed will leave us and those around us, with a sense of well being worth striving for. Our happiness will increase and we will feel motivated to keep giving each and every day.

To Forgive or Not to Forgive?

Holding on to hard feelings is easy but the price you pay is lingering resentment. Unforgiveness can cause a host of problems, depression and anxiety, constant bitterness, not being able to enjoy the present moment and missing out on meaningful relationships that enhance our lives.

Forgiveness is work, but the dedication to change is rewarding. Attitudes that motivate this change can include,

  • Accepting and processing your emotions
  • No longer accepting a role as a victim
  • Recognizing who and what needs to be forgiven
  • Reflecting on times when you have been forgiven for your mistakes
  • Seeking to empathize with your offender
  • Appreciating the value of forgiveness and the improvements it may bring

Forgiveness may be difficult at times, it’s common to get stuck. Some tools that can help include,

  • Writing in a journal
  • Meditating
  • Talking to someone you trust
  • Seek spiritual counseling
  • Seeing a mental health therapist
  • Joining a support group


How to Give Back By Forgiving?

Forgiveness is the gift of peace you give yourself and others. Giving back through forgiveness is both rewarding and healing.  Join the 365give Challenge and be inspired to give throughout the year! Share your favorite giving ideas on Instragram or Facebook and show others why daily giving is so important. Show us how you gave today by forgiving!


Jas Kaur
Jas Kaur
Jas Kaur was born and raised in Canada and is of Punjabi heritage. She is a confessed Spiritual Junkie and strives to be a mindful parent to her son and daughter.

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