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July 18, 2019
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Your Spare Change Can Give You a DOSE of Happiness

Share Happiness!

There are many ways to introduce daily giving into your life. One simple way is to collect your spare change to help out others. Not only will it help others, it will give you a DOSE of happiness.

Spare Change – How To Collect It and How to Use It To Spread Happiness

Do you have a change jar? If not, all you need is a jar, a cup, a mug or a bowl placed in a central location in your home. Every day, you can empty your wallet, pockets or purse and collect any spare change you accumulate. After a while, this spare change adds up and can be used to help others.

Increase Happiness – Simple Daily Giving Is The Ticket

This is a simple way to give that also has the added benefit of improving your health by increasing happiness. Giving has a powerful, “feel good” effect on your body, called the “helper’s high”. It decreases stress while giving you the following benefits:

Dopamine – when dopamine is released in large amounts, it creates feelings of pleasure and reward which motivates you to repeat a specific behaviour

Oxytocin – boosts your sense of trust, love, optimism and connection

Seratonin – makes you feel happy and calm while healing your body

Endorphins – give you a natural euphoric rush

A daily habit of giving is more powerful than one big give. By repeating an activity daily, you will increases the health benefits which can provide long term benefits. Soon, collecting your spare change will become a daily habit that you don’t even think about. All the while giving you a daily DOSE of happiness.

Round Up Your Change To Give

There are many apps available now that help you round up your spare change while purchasing online. Once you sign up for the app and choose your charity, or multiple charities, it will automatically round up your purchase and donate your spare change. Most apps provide you with a monthly account of your giving so you can keep track of the change made by your spare change.

Here are a few apps to check out:

Mylo – Make Change with Small Change. The easy, smart way to support the Canadian charities that are close to your heart.

Change Bowl – ChangeBowl rounds up your debit or credit card purchases to the nearest dollar and allows you to donate the difference to the cause(s) of your choice.

Round Up –Donate the change from your credit and debit card purchases to help a nonprofit change the world. Benefits US not for profits

Give Tide – GiveTide was founded in 2016 with a basic concept: to help charitable giving fit into a mobile lifestyle by making it simple and enjoyable. The GiveTide App was designed from the ground-up to provide donors and charities alike with a giving platform that keeps pace with modern technology.

Monthly giving is the most sustainable source of funding for nonprofits so your spare change can go a long way to help.  Find the app that’s right for you and start collecting change to make change.

Start A Spare Change Program That Works For You

Start saving your change today for your daily DOSE of happiness. Every little bit will help change the world one day at a time. Join the 365give community and share your daily giving with others while being inspired by global giving around the world.





Tammy Lawrence
Tammy Lawrence
Tammy is on our Board of Directors at 365give and is a valued contributor to our blog. She spent years in non-profit work advocating for girls and women in sport and physical activity and then moved on to fundraising for Big Sisters. She currently works from home as a freelance writer while raising her kids. Always passionate about children and youth and giving back to the community, Tammy found a perfect fit with 365give. “I love being part of a global movement that is creating a society where people feel good about themselves through giving back. 365give has the potential to change the world and create the future we all want to see.”

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